What You Will Learn?
  • SEO
    Increase your website’s visibility through Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Pay Per Click
    Drive qualified traffic to your website through PPC advertising
  • Content Planning
    Learn to have a strategic vision of classifying contents and having a correct approach toward the content’s goal
  • Grow Engagement
    Use suitable social media channels to grow and engage an audience
  • Digital Campaign
    Create a plan and optimize overall digital marketing activities for your business
  • Digital Marketing ROI
    Through your strategies and goals, create relevant and well optimized campaigns which can help grow your ROI both Organically and by Paid Advertising

Follow a Structured Curriculum

In this course, we help you to understand digital marketing and it’s flow to achieve a marketing target. You will learn about the fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Channels, types of content strategy, digital marketing terminology and content communication basics.

Content is at the heart of all marketing activities. In this course you learn how to plan and execute your content marketing, develop content that works well for your target audience, and how to measure its impact.

Social media is a powerful marketing channel. You will get to know most of the major social media platforms. Also it is important to know how to be present on social media channels and let your audience connect through strong and effective content.

It can be challenging to standout in social media with so much competition. In this module you will learn advertising techniques and channels to create ad content which make you more visible to your audience. You will be able to create campaigns and manage your ads.

One of the most important parts of an online experience is dealing with search engines and results. You will learn about visibilities in search engine results and how it can affect your business for good, enabling customer to connect with your business.

Learn From the best

Hear From Our Graduates at BootUP

The digital marketing course at BootUP has changed my life and have added opportunities for my career, I have gained more confidence. My advice to anyone considering the course, if you're interested in marketing and how to communicate online, just do it. Sometimes you think that digital marketing topics like social media or ads placements are not important or related to your profession if you are in SEO field, but I have learned how integrated digital marketing is.

Agus Irwan - SEO Specialist

Digital Marketing Course Schedule

BootUP provides 4 entry levels for the Digital Marketing. Check the available levels and the schedule in the table below and choose your entry level. We provide some courses in other countries based on the available schedules and plans. We started the journey in India as Skill Speed, a well known and respected academy with thousands of graduates and students, mostly hired by our career partners. They provide BootUP Academy students with some venues in India. We also might have different venues in different countries based on our plans and availability of our courses.

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