BootUP Academy helps the movement of innovation and digital transformation in Indonesia with hybrid learning methods.
All the certifications are highly respected and coming from Silicon Valley technology based company, BootUP.
BootUp Academy Offers a LIVE Online 90 Minutes class with Q&A at the end. Classes will be recorded as well and replay for people that could not make it. Check the classes below:
  1. Free - Python and Data Science - 90 minutes
  2. Free - Machine Learning - 90 minutes
  3. Free - Artificial Intelligence Coding - 90 minutes
BootUp provide you with 4 entry levels based on the program you choose. Programs may not have the same entry levels. You can check each entry level on each program Page. Entry Levels are listed below as:
  1. Free (90 Minutes) Trial Class - Live Online Class with Q&A & Recorded sessions for replay.
  2. Foundation Level (6 Hours - 2 Sessions, 3 Hours each Session) - Live Online Class with Q&A & Recorded sessions for replay
  3. Flex (1 Month) - some of sessions in person, some LIVE Online and some of it will be self paced practice and project training.
  4. Immersive (6 Months) - some of sessions in person, some LIVE Online and some of it will be self paced practice and project training.
All the courses together are full stack immersive. Once you have taken all successfully, you will become a certified Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning proficient L1 coder.
Only our Free Trial (90 minutes) courses & our Foundation entry levels (6 Hours) are held Live Online. Some courses will be given once a month for a week or sometimes 2 weeks in person, and the rest will be online.

BootUP Career Support

BootUP Academy collaborates with various start-up and large companies in Indonesia, where graduates will be connected with hiring partners when the program is completed.


The Cost for each program differs based on the entry levels. Please kindly check each program page to see entry levels and pricing.
We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to study. BootUP Academy is committed to helping you find ways to meet, manage, and lower your education costs through a variety of financing and payment options. Our financing partner is KoinWorks, Please visit program pages and check the financing opportunities available.
You can always pay your tuition fees directly. If you are not able to pay your tuition fees and you really want to apply for our courses, we offer financing options with KoinWorks. Please check each program page for the financing options available
Please check each Program’s Schedule and and check the start dates. You can check the availability of each program enrollment in Program pages.