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BootUP Academy collaborates with various startup and large companies, where graduates will be connected with hiring partners when the program is completed. Our partners have regular interviews & talent fair process to select the best students and graduates to work for our corporate partners and startups..

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BootUP gives you the opportunity to learn coding in a hybrid self-paced manner, online and offline and to meet instructors who are competent in their fields. Programming & coding is growing rapidly along with the development of new technologies. Becoming a programmer gives you the opportunity to experience new challenges and bring solutions to everyday problems in any industry, and also the chance to earn higher financial benefits and salaries compared to some other technical industries. BootUP offers the best and most efficient methods of learning. BootUP offers a variety of courses such as: “Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning”. Learning to code can be easy and fun. You can transform from a newbie to an expert fairly quickly with our carefully put together programs, learning methods and real life projects. You can become an expert developer and create your startup or perhaps join the tech unicorns within our recruitment partners.
Learning to code is a must for must in all industries around the world, and proven graduates work in the world's leading technology companies. BootUP is a coding school from Silicon Valley, California which has become famous as one of the main well known firms in the world. Silicon Valley is the heart of technology in the world, with headquarters of IT companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Oracle, AMD, Nvidia, and Tesla. BootUP ventures has provided many startup and corporate services for many years and now has expanded in Indonesia to share its experiences with one of the fastest growing countries in SouthEast. Graduates from BootUP academy are introduced to a variety of major global companies, such as Unilever, Philips, IBM, NUS (National University of Singapore), Wonderlabs, Singtel, and so on. Come on, what are you waiting for? Still hesitant to improve the quality of your future and improve your programming skills with BootUP? Make your decision wisely, carefully and be successful!
HTML or HyperText Markup Language is a programming language used to create websites on the Internet. HTML programming language is not difficult at all. Someone who is still new in the world of programming, might be unfamiliar with HTML. “I don't know how to use it, how to implement it, and what are the benefits of the HTML language?” What is HTML? The most basic question that you must ask first. If you are a beginner who is just about to start learning about html you might ask this question. Initially HTML was created just to make it easy and neat to make a document, that starts from the title tag, then proceed to page headings, and then to the contents of the page. And yes, the last one is the closing. The most common examples of HTML tags are <html> </html>; <head> </head>; <title> </title>; <body> <body>; <h1> </h1>; <h2> </h2>, etc. You can find a variety of programming classes that you can learn from basic to advanced levels here at BootUP. Learning with the best hybrid self-paced methods, learning Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Data Science and the best Machine Learning courses in Indonesia or any other parts of the world. Various types of offers are given to produce the best graduates. Find your ideal program now with BootUP.
BootUP coding school is one of the pioneers of teaching for startups, schools, technology corporations and entrepreneurs in the world, which offers a variety of programming languages ​​that you can learn. Java. C ++, HTML, PHP, Pascal, .net, are examples of the most famous programming languages ​​in Indonesia and in the world. Java is a programming language that has existed from 1990’s. How can you apply Java language in your everyday life? Java programming language can be used in a variety of cases such as creating android applications or payment systems at the convenience store. BootUP offers deeper learning methods than usual schools and provide this experience through its professional instructors and world class experts who are efficiently reliable and experienced. Learning other beginner languages such as pascal. Furthermore, if you are already proficient you can use Java and HTML, then you can use C++,PHP and .net. Each language has different levels of difficulty and usability. Here you can learn to become proficient in programming languages.
Do you want to create your own website from the beginning or make your own business? Learning to code from basic to advanced level is not too difficult. Learning at BootUP coding school is challenging, constructive and fun. Register now and learn more programming languages, upskill yourself and increase your chances to get recruited by giant tech companies with our special certification from BootUP Academy Silicon Valley and through our hiring partners.

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Study at the top ranked Data Science & AI bootcamp in Indonesia. Our students get hired by A-list companies. FInd out what makes us different and what you can expect to learn on the course. If you’d like to talk to our team, feel free to call us on +62819921500.

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