The People Behind BootUP Academy

Marco ten Vaanholt

Founder & President

Mukul Agarwal

Founder & CEO

BootUP is a leading global education platform, AI start-ups accelerator, set of top co-working spaces and global corporate partners with its Headquarters in Silicon Valley, USA.

Our vision is to create a national talent pool by skilling millions of people for growing industry needs in the new age technologies and entrepreneurship; Data Science AI and Machine Learning, with a focus on practical business implementations.

BootUP Academy is focused on providing individuals and countries accessible training for the next wave of entrepreneurs and software coders with a heavy focus on quality. BootUP also integrates the career hub and provides greater access to the job market and tech projects with BootUP owned clients or ventures.

BootUP Academy provides you with world class facilities, to complete your experiential learning with our best trainers and coders. The benefits of industry connect through our career partners, financing options & Silicon Valley partners and certification will give you unique and complete learning experience.


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